Nivåmåling i tanker med noen av modellene nivåmålere fra Magnetrol  Magnetrol nivmling tank Level measurement measuring transmitter guided wave radar ultrasonic displacer probe switch float :

GWR Guided  Tankmåling nivåmåling Radar nivåmåler Guided wave radar Level measurement transmitter GWR Magnetrol modell Eclipse 706          Nivåmåling_tank_Radar_GWR_Guided_wave_radar_level_measurement_Magnetrol_Eclipse_Operating_principle
Wave Radar

Eclipse 706: trolig markedest beste Guided wave radar?

  • Low dielectric measurement capability (εr ≥ 1.4)
  • Overfill Capable probes allow for “true level” measurement all the way up to the process seal
  • Quick connect/disconnect probe coupling
  • Operates in visible vapors and ignores most foams
  • Ignores coating buildup
  • More info:
    • Product catalog Eclipse 706 guided wave radar transmitter (2,1 MB)
    • Video Eclipse 706 GWR transmitter (start from ca 2:00 => )

     Ultralyd tank nivåmåling nivåmåler Ultrasonic level switch Magnetrol Echotel          Nivåmåling_tank_Ultralyd_Operating_principle_Ultrasonic_non_contact_technolgy_Level_measurement_transmitter_Magnetrol_Echotel_355_nivåmåler

Echotel: enkel og rimelig nivåmåler.

  • PACTware PC program using HART Communications for remote configuration, advanced diagnostics, performance trending and troubleshooting
  • Menu-driven 4-pushbutton, 2-line x 16 character LCD user interface
  • False target rejection for identification of true echo from liquid surface
  • Common tank shapes and 20-point custom table for volume measurement
  • More info:

  Nivåmåling tank nivåmåler Radar level measurement transmitter Kontaktløs kontaktfri non-contact radar level transmitter Magnetrol model PulsarR86           Radar_Level_nivåmåling_tank_Measurement_transmitter_PulsarR86_Magnetrol Operating-principles

Pulsar R86: kontaktfri nivå måler. Stort måleområde, brukervennlig.

  • Sophisticated signal processing filters out false reflections and other background noises.
  • Performance not process dependent (changing specific gravity and dielectric have no effect)
  • Superior performance in the tougher applications of turbulence, foam, and heavy vapors
  • Quick connect/disconnect probe coupling allows vessel to remain sealed
  • Antenna designs to +400 °C. Range up to 130 feet (40 meters)
  • SIL 2 capable with Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) = 93.2% (FMEDA available upon request)
  • More info:
    • Product catalog Pulsar model R86 radar transmitter (1,3MB)
    • Video Pulsar R86 non-contact radar (start from ca 2:22 -> )

Kombi MLI & GWR
     Nivåmåler Level measurement transmitter Magnetic Indicators MLI og Eclipse GWR guided wave radar Magnetrol model Aurora           Tankmåling nivå MLI GWR Aurora Technology Operating-principle Magnetrol Float probe sensor displacer Guided Wave Radar

Aurora: Magnetic Level Indicators (MLI) kombinert med Guided Wave Radar. Kompakt design - i samme målekammer. 

  • Broad range of chamber styles
  • ASME and DIN flanges
  • Easy set up
  • Trouble­ free operation
  • Precision manufactured float
  • More info:
    • Product catalog Aurora float-based Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) with Eclipse Guided Wave Radar (GWR) transmitter 12 MB)

Sidemontert    Float-switch_nivåbryter_flottør_tankmåling_nivåmåler_nivåmåling_Level_measurement_transmitter_sensor_model_Tuffy_T3_Magnetrol           Nivåbryter Float level switches Buoyancy prinsippet Float operated liquid_level controls switches flottør tankmåling nivåmåler Level measurement Magnetrol Tuffy

Tuffy T3: kompakt nivåbrytere for horisontal montering i tanker.

  • Single electric switch for high or low level alarm or control functions
  • Pressure ratings to 2625 psig (181 bar)
  • Process temperatures to +400 °C, minimum -55 °C 
  • Specific gravity as low as 0.40
  • NACE and/or ASME B31.3 construction
  • More info:

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