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GD10P Gas-detector from Simrad Simtronics

Simtronics is a world class provider of sophisticated gas detectors for onshore and offshore industries.

The company has more than 25 years’ experience in supplying gas detection for use in applications ranging from plant boiler rooms to offshore petrochemical facilities. Our products are used worldwide to help protect life and assets.

Simtronics makes Infra-Red point gas detectors based on their semiconductor sensor “Sim Source” sensor. Their model GD10P gas detector has been very successful and become the “standard” Infra-Red gas detector in the Norwegian Oil & Gas Industry.

Model GD10PE Gasdetector from Simrad Simtronics

They have developed the GD10PE, Extended Point Gas Detector, that is more sensitive than the original GD10P, and developed specially for duct applications and in areas where you need fast reliable detection of low gas concentrations.

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GD10P IR point detector
GD10PE IR extended point gas detector Simtronics

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