Terms and conditions

when buying

When buying from Haland Instrumentering AS

1. Offer
Offer is only binding within the specified time limit. Agreement is only concluded when the Seller’s order confirmation is available. Stock items are subject to prior sale. 

2. Price Calculation
Prices are understood as when delivered to the seller’s warehouse, exclusive of VAT, excise duties and other public taxes. They are based on the seller’s supplier prices and currency exchange rates, tariffs and taxes that applied at the time of signing the agreement. This is subject to any adjustment in prices due to changes in exchange rates, tariffs or charges beyond 2.5%. Such adjustment shall not be made after buyer’s payment is available. Small changes in exchange rates less than 2.5% shall not result in price adjustments.

3. Delivery
Stated delivery time is based on information from the seller’s suppliers, the seller commits to doing what he can to ensure that delivery times are met. Solely delayed delivery does not give the purchaser the right to cancel the contract or claim compensation. If the buyer cannot receive the item by the agreed time, storage will be at the buyer’s expense and risk. The seller may claim payment in accordance with the sales agreement as if the delivery had taken place. If structural conditions make it necessary to use additional personnel and / or equipment when delivered, it will be at the buyer’s risk and expense.

4. Delivery Terms
All shipments will be delivered to Ex Works (EXW) or FCA Stavanger area.

5. Mortgage/Security
The seller has a non-possessory security interest in the goods sold, until the item is paid in full, as a security of its claim for the purchase price plus interest and costs. The buyer must treat the item in accordance with this relationship.

6. Mounting
Installation, commissioning and instructions are not included in the price, but can be offered on request. When mounting out of town, travel expenses, accommodation, subsistence and travel time is charged to the buyer. Necessary wiring, water and gas should be arranged in advance by the buyer, free of charge for the seller.

7.Terms of Payment
Payment will take place within net 30 days after delivery. In case of late payment interest will be charged. COD can be used for new customers or customers who are not yet credit approved.

8. Claims
The buyer must inspect the goods upon receipt and report any obvious defects within 8 days. Complaints will not be accepted otherwise. Discovery of defects that can be found only after assembly and test runs, must be reported immediately after the defect has been discovered.

9. Warranty
Buyers warranty covers only damage caused by manufacturing and material defects. The warranty expires 12 months after delivery, but a shorter time limit for complaints can be established. The seller is obliged to give free repairs and replacement of defective parts at their main workshop in the normal working hours. If the buyer wants the repairs to be performed at the buyers’ location, travel expenses, accommodation, subsistence and 70% of the elapsed travel time based on current repair rates will occur. The warranty is invalidated if the item is interfered with, without the seller’s consent, if damage occurs as a result of misuse or improper handling and inadequate maintenance and if payment terms are not met. Parts such as gaskets, hoses, lamps, fuses, basic electronic components, etc. are considered consumables and are either fully or partially exempt from the warranty.

10. Repairs
Repairs after warranty expiry date are paid for in full by the buyer.  Shipping to and from the seller’s workshop will be at the buyer’s risk and expense. If repairs are performed at buyer’s location, the buyer covers the costs of travel costs, accommodation, subsistence and travel time, as well as applied working hours. Warranty, not exceeding three months after the repairs are performed, is limited to include only the errors that have been requested to be corrected. Deficiency with the performed repair work must be proven by the buyer. Other faults or defects are not covered by the warranty. In the event that the seller can offer a temporary replacement product through the time of the repair, the buyer pays shipping and insurance as well as a weekly rental.

11. Liability
The seller undertakes to deliver a flawless, functional product, in accordance to the technical specifications (see also Section 8). In the opposite case, the seller is given a reasonable period to put the equipment to the prescribed condition.  Seller disclaims responsibility for possible damage or loss caused directly or indirectly, by errors or defects in the goods, if the seller has not shown gross negligence. The responsibility would then be limited to 10% when the price of the item is not exceeding kr. 100.000, -, and 2.5% of the excess amount.

12. Cancellation
A binding purchase agreement shall be deemed to be entered into when the seller has confirmed the buyer’s order. The agreement may only be amended or terminated with the seller’s consent.

13. Returns
Return of purchased equipment can take place only with the seller’s consent and at the buyer’s risk and expense. Returned equipment is credited with up to 80% of the sales value of the standard stock item in flawless or unused condition or with lower rates after seller’s assessment of broken or used equipment.

14. Exceptions
These general conditions apply to the extent they are not waived by written agreement.

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