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CBM predictor Condtion Based Maintenance Tilstandsbasert vedlikehold Wireless sensor Ideation Fremhevet

Intelligent IIoT Edge data processing solutions for abnormal condition detection on process safety valves. And condition detection of solenoid operated on/off valves.
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Ideation CBM IIoT Edge device with CloudLink or Android app for abnormal condition detection.

Vibration analysis and alarms with a focus on POP and leakage for PSV / pressure safety valves.

The product has a built-in sensor for temperature monitoring, an accelerometer for vibration monitoring and a microphone for detecting leakage noise.

Condition control of piston position in solenoid operated valves.

Simple process installation / commissioning (hot swap).

CBM predictor Condtion Based Maintenance Wireless sensor Ideation
Ideation CBM predictor

No sensor, but built-in intelligence: processor, sensors, algorithms and memory.

BLE4/5 wireless, standard communication.

More than 15 years battery life.

Self-diagnosis for SIL2 compliance.

Certified for Ex II 2 G Ex ia IIC T4.

Supports grouping of devices via Intelligent CloudLink.

Integration with business systems.

Contact Haaland Instrumentering: +47 51 71 97 or post@hi-as.no

More info: www.ideationcbm.no

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Predictor sensor for abnormal condition detection Wireless on PSV safety valves CBM Condition Based Maintenance Ideation
Ideation CBM predictor mounted on pressure safety valve.
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