Subsea ball valve for ROV

Subsea ROV operated kuleventil elastomerfree Manifold wellhead tree subsea ballvalve High temperature pressure Manufacturer Fremhevet

design and manufacturer: HAALAND INSTRUMENTERING AS

Håland Instrumentering Manufacturer subsea ROV operated kuleventil ballvalve elastomerfree manifold wellhead tree subsea high pressure temperature produsent Logo
Designed, patended and manufactured by Haaland Instrumentering AS

ROV remote operated subsea ball valve for mounting on subsea manifold / christmas tree for wellhead and subsea structures.

Small bore ball valve, soft seat/seated or metal seat/seated.
Designed by Haaland Instrumentering AS who also are the manufacturer and supplier of this high temperature and high pressure subsea trunnion mounted subsea ball valve.

Elastomerfree packings give long lifetime for this subsea trunnion ball valve for mounting subsea manifold / tree.Double block / piston – upstream and downstream sealing in the valve.

Bubble tight subsea valve with low torque and a wide temperature range.

Subsea ROV operated kuleventil ballvalve elastomerfree Manifold wellhead tree High pressure temperature Manufacturer
Subsea valve ROV operated High pressure and temperature NORSOK

Design pressure: 690 bar / 10 000 psi
Design temperature: -29 – +121°C
Valve bore size: 12,7mm DIA

Duplex body.

Applicable codes: ISO 10423 PSL3G. NACE MR-01-75. ASME VIII DIV 3

Patented design with double block elastomer free seal / sealing.

subsea ROV operated kuleventil ballvalve elastomerfree manifold wellhead tree subsea high temperature pressure
Subsea ball valve without ROV bucket

For more information about the subsea ball valve manufactured by Haaland Instrumentering:
Contact Haaland Instrumentering AS: +47 51 71 97 00 or

And eventually: Fact sheet subsea ball valve ROV operated for high pressure and temperatures

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