Modernize flow measurement

Modernize flow measurement, Draugen platform

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Norske Shell – Draugen platform

Location: Kristiansund
Period: 2016 – 2018

Client: Aibel, Kristiansund
Field of application: Flow Diesel Refurbishment

The gas production at Draugen is declining and it is expected to be a shortage of gas used for electrical production. The current philosophy is to use diesel as a replacement for fuel gas for the Generator Turbines (GT) and the Produced water Re-injection Pumps (PWRI).

All the turbines have the possibility to run on either gas or diesel. The diesel system feeding the three GT’s and the two PRWI’s was originally designed as a backup system and emergency system, and is not suitable for continuous operation.

– Clamp-on Ultrasonic Meter

Haland Instrumentering AS responsibilities and deliveries:

  • Part of the study and recommendation
  • Selection of the best application technology
  • Startup Assistance (offshore)
  • Survey speed of sound detection of diesel
  • As built documentation

– Fire & Gas Field Equipment
– Valve upgrade
– Level & Flow upgrade

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