Solution safety valve prevent shutdown

New safety valve solution to prevent shutdown under challenging operating conditions

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Location: Rønningen Industriområde, Bamble
Period: 2016 – 2017

Client: INEOS Bamble AS
Field of application: Safety valve

Pilot operated safety relief valve with high maintenance frequency due to limited lifetime of some internal parts. The challenges was large fluctuating process pressure pulses and process pressure very close to set pressure.
Any maintenance required plant shut down of the actual production line.

The manufacturer BHGE Consolidated developed a solution together with the customer based on well proven and existing pilot operating safety relief valve equipment. Consisting of a dual pilot safety valve with a second pilot onto the same main valve assembly and a twin diverter valve to direct the flow through each valve as required, using a manual changeover handle.

This solution allow continuous operation with live changeovers of the pilots, allowing maintenance on one of the pilot valves when needed.
Two complete valve assemblies were ordered and mounted on each of the main production lines.

– Dual pilot operated safety valve with changeover solution

Haland Instrumentering AS responsibilities and deliveries:

  • Establish contact between product expert at the manufacturer production and maintenance specialist at the customer
  • Arrange a visit to the plant together with manufacturer’s expert for a plant tour and discussion of details of the challenges
  • Intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer in the communication up to a new and finished product.
  • Follow up production progress and update customer
  • Arrange training and inspection before the delivery
  • Follow up small changes in the design after inspection and before delivery
  • Documentation
  • Spare parts

– Fire & Gas Field Equipment
– Level & Flow upgrade

Sikkerhetsventiler pressure safety relief valve SRV Pilot ventil opprinnelig løsning

Sikkerhetsventiler pressure safety relief valve SRV Dual pilot med changeover unngå shutdown driftsstans produksjonen

Sikkerhetsventiler pressure safety relief valve SRV Dual pilot Shutdown driftsstans produksjon

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