Lifetime extension level measurement

Lifetime extension level measurement, common technology, Draugen platform

Customer stories – Reference sheet

Norske Shell – Draugen platform

Location: Kristiansund
Period: 2014 – 2015

Client: Aibel, Kristiansund
Field of application: Level measurement

As lifetimes of the production assets tend to be extended, equipment obsolence becomes a risk. This was the case on the Draugen platform. A total of 32 LT tags containing several technologies was replaced by Magnetrol displacers/standpipe and guided wave radars.

Due to limited spare part availability, a failure could cause an unplanned shut down of undetermined length.

– Lifetime extension to 2035
– Delivery and upgrade of 32 tags

Haland Instrumentering AS responsibilities and deliveries:

  • Part of the FEED study and recommendation
  • Replacement of obsolete instruments
  • Access to historical data
  • Selection of the best application technology
  • As built documentation

– Fire & Gas Field Equipment
– Valve upgrade

Nivmling tank guided wave radar Draugen offshore plattform

Nivmling tank guided wave radar Magnetrol produkter

Nivmling tank radar illustrasjon

Nivmling tank guided wave radar Level transmitter Magnetrol
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