Laser open path gas detectors

Senscient gass detektor gas detector Linje open path sensor Gasslekkasje leak gassmåler gassalarm ELDS MSA Norge forhandler

Laser open path gas detectors for flammable and toxic gases. Reliable with high process uptime.
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Senscient gass detektor detector linje open path sensor gasslekkasje leak gassmåler gassalarm MSA Forhandler Norge

Senscient industrial laser open path gas detectors.

Senscient, which now is a part of the global safety company MSA, was founded in 2004 by Mr Lee Richman.
Their laser gas detectors utilizing laser technology called ELDSTM (Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy) and combined with SimuGasTM the patented daily auto testing technique. Senscient products are in compliance to the Norwegian requirements.

Senscient ELDSTM range of toxic and flammable gas detectors use the latest laser detection technology plus patented software routines to deliver the best performing open path device in terms of sensitivity, specificity, speed of response, uptime availability with no consumable parts or any need for routine manual testing.

Senscient gass detektor gas detector Linje open path sensor Gasslekkasje leak gassmåler gassalarm ELDS MSA Norge forhandler
Open path laser gas detector Senscient – MSA

The Senscient laser open path gas detector can handle up to 95% obscuration without going out of service.

See report, operational experience with significant improvements in safety, reliability and process uptime – using Senscient ELDSTM laser open path gas detector on Terra Nova FPSO:
report operational experience laser gas detection without shutdowns. (From Scandinavian Oil & Gas Magazine 1/2-2015.)
Video experiences with Sencient on Terra Nova FPSO (duration ca 1 min).

Senscient ELDSTM ventilation duct detectors are capable of detecting flammable gases over distances of 0.5 to 5m (XD & VZ versions). For toxic gases regular open area detection devices are used which can operate down to a 5m path length.

Gass detektor gasdetector gasslekkasje Luft ventilasjon inntak HVAC cross duct mounting Gas leak Line linje sensor Senscient MSA Norge Norway
Laser gas detector for duct mounting HVAC – Senscient ELDS Cross Duct

Video which gases can be measured and how Senscient ELDSTM laser-based open path gas detector and technology work (2 min).

Video how well known challenges and problems are coped with and technically solved by Senscient ELDSTM laser line gas detectors.  (3 min).

Video how to align the Senscient ELDSTM open path gas detector (4 min).

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Operating manual Senscient ELDS.

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