Sight flow indicators

flow indicator seglass sight glass level flow indicator

Sight flow indicators with glass to see flow in pipes.
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Seglass flow indicator sight glass level flow indicator fra Jacoby Tarbox - Clark Reliance

Sight flow indicators from Jacoby-Tarbox.

Jacoby-Tarbox sight flow indicators and sight windows can be used to verify process conditions throughout piping, vessels and other equipment, whether the process is liquid or gas.

When you select Jacoby-Tarbox, our experienced and dedicated representatives work with you to maximize the duty cycle of your units in nearly every combination of pressure and temperature in your process. Get positive indication of flow or other material properties, such as color, change in state, or simply material presence while in any orientation.

flow indicator seglass sight glass level flow indicator

The products from Jacoby-Tarbox (which is now part of Clark-Reliance Corporation) have been used for many years for both offshore and onshore installations in Norway, and have a significant reference list both nationally and internationally.

Jacoby-Tarbox, founded in 1914, offers the world’s most extensive line of sight flow indicators and sight windows. Jacoby-Tarbox continue to offer innovative, trend-setting products, while meeting more industry specifications “out of the box” than any other sight flow indicators on the market.

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