Pressure & temperature gauges

Pressure gauge Manometer chemical seal fra Stewarts

Pressure and temperature gauges with manometer and thermometer for many applications.
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Manometer pressure gauge subsea chemical seal fra Stewart-Buchanan Gauges

Pressure and temperature gauges, thermometers, thermo wells and subsea gauges.

Stewarts has an impressive range in this product area which includes pressure gauge, differential pressure gauges and “sub sea” gauges.
We cover pressure ranges from vacuum to 3500bar.
Housing dimensions from 50mm to 250mm.
The product range also includes «chemical seal».

The equipment has a good selection of accessories that are adapted for applications with large vibrations and high “peak” pressures.
These are “check valves”, “over range gauge protector”, “snubbers” and the unique “vibra gauge design”.

Pressure gauge Manometer chemical seal model 2030 fra Stewarts
Manometer / pressure gauge chemical seal

The products have been used for many years, for both offshore and onshore installations in Norway. The Stewarts product range have a significant reference list to Norwegian customers.

Information subsea compensated pressure gauge / manometer – lower weight and costs.

Subsea pressure gauge manometer ROV2 model 8024 AG
Subsea manometer / pressure gauge

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