Coriolis flow meter measurement

Flowmeter Coriolis mengdemåler massemåler flowmåler fra Rheonik

Coriolis flowmeter for precise flow measurement within a large measuring- and temperature range. Also for high pressure.
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Coriolis gas / liquid mass flow meters.

Rheonik coriolis gas and liquid mass flow meter with a wide large measurement rang:
from 1,5 g/min to 25 000 kg/min.

Rheonik coriolis mass flow meter is able to meet pressure requirement up to 1 400 bar and temperature range from -200 to + 400°C.

Flowmeter coriolis mengdemåler massemåler flowmåler Produkter fra Rheonik
Flow meter Coriolis from Rheonik

Rheonik coriolis gas/liquid flow meters has been used for many years, both onshore and offshore in Norway.
We can also provide you with a significant reference list both for Norway and abroad.

By contacting Haaland Instrumentering , we will assist you with the expericene and expertise we have in this type of measurement principle, and provide you as a customer and your application with the best possible solution.

Flowmeter Transmitter Coriolis mengdemåler massemåler flowmåler fra Rheonik
Flow meter transmitter coriolis Rheonik

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