Wireless intelligent IoT solution for Abnormal Condition Detection

CBM predictor Condtion Based Maintenance Tilstandsbasert vedlikehold Wireless sensor Ideation Fremhevet

Wireless predictor / sensor for detection of abnormal conditions. Provides reduced maintenance costs through condition based maintenance (CBM).
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CBM predictor Condtion Based Maintenance Tilstandsbasert vedlikehold Ideation

Intelligent IoT and Edge computing solutions for Abnormal Condition Detection

Process equipment talks, but not all the parts can be heard.
IDEATION’s solutions help you hear the equipment that otherwise would not have a voice.

Traditionally, companies maintain equipment by intervening periodically, very much like taking a car to be serviced every x km. New cars do automatic checks and signal when maintenance is needed by usage of built-in condition-based maintenance (CBM) tools.
The nature of the planning has become event-based instead of time-based. This brings tremendous cost savings in material and labor.

These diagnostics in the context of Condition based maintenance are called Abnormal Condition Detection (ACD), they are the foundation for IDEATION solutions.

CBM predictor Condtion Based Maintenance Tilstandsbasert vedlikehold Wireless sensor Ideation
Ideation CBM predictor for easy wireless Condition Based Maintenance

Besides directly contributing towards CBM and reducing operating costs, IDEATION’s ACD solutions are a perfect fit for any big data strategy. They give a voice to the non-communicating mechanical equipment that would otherwise be left out of these strategies, also in dangerous zones.
The value is not only found in the development of the tools, but in keeping them simple and affordable to install and service.
At present time we can detect both temperature, vibration and leak. That is exactly what IDEATION and Haland Instrumentering AS delivers. The product is wireless and battery powered.

Our vision is to make Abnormal Condition Detection (ACD) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) universally available and in addition simplify and make CMB affordable by utilizing IoT technologies.

Contact Haaland Instrumentering: +47 51 71 97 00 or post@hi-as.no

More info: www.ideationcbm.com

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Predictor sensor for tilstandsbasert vedlikehold Trådløs sikkerhetsventil CBM Condition Based Maintenance mounting safety valve Ideation
Ideation CBM predictor mounted on safety relief valve
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