Level and flow measurement

Nivåmåling instrument for tank Ultrasonic level transmitter radar sensor Magnetrol forhandler Norge

Level and flow transmitters as well as level switches for level measurement in tanks. Incl. guided wave radar.
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Level and flow measurement.

Magnetrol offer an extensive range of innovative level and flow controls for measurements within the process industries.

The new Magnetrol Genesis is a technological development that provides accurate multiphase level measurement in separators. Based on guided wave rader technology (GWR). With flushing device for cleaning the probe during operation.

For more than 40 years, Magnetrol® level controls and flow controls products have been supplied to the Norwegian continental shelf.
In close cooperation with our distributor Haland Instrumentering AS the Magnetrol level and flow products have a huge installation base in Norway.

ankmåling seperator tank nivåmåling flerfasemåling Genesis Magnetrol Ametek mengdemåling ultrasonic sensor transmitter TDR Time Domain Reflectometry
Multiphase level measurement in separators – Genesis

As the innovator of the first magnetic liquid level switch and pioneer of today’s level and flow technology breakthroughs, Magnetrol manufactures instrumentation that is more intelligent, more reliable and simpler to install and operate – making it far more easy for you to improve safety, drive efficiency and grow your business.

Typical products for level measurement from Magnetrol:

  • ultrasonic sensor
  • magnetic level gauge
  • radar
  • capacitive
  • displacer
  • guided wave radar
  • thermal dispersion flow transmitter

The Future of Guided Wave Radar Has Taken Shape.
There is a reason our guided wave radar (GWR) line is called Eclipse. Having introduced the very first two-wire, loop-powered guided wave radar transmitter to the instrumentation industry, Magnetrol has designed it’s latest-generation. ECLIPSE Model 706 to overshadow current levels of GWR performance.

Eventually more information about some Magnetrol level and flow measurement products here.

Nivåmåling instrument for tank Ultrasonic level transmitter radar sensor Magnetrol forhandler Norge
Guided Wave Radar (GWR) and Magnetic Level Indicators (MLI). Level measurement combination. Model Aurora

Contact Haaland Instrumentering AS: +47 51 71 97 00 or post@hi-as.no

More information: www.ametek-measurement.com/magnetrol

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