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Kundehistorie – Reference sheet

Equinor Mongstad – Johan Sverdrup

Location: Mongstad
Period: 2017 – 2018

Client: Aker Solutions, Bergen
Field of application: Pressure surge protection – loading area

BHGE Flexflo anti surge valves has been installed at Mongstad and has protected instruments and pipelines from potentially harmful pressure surges for approx 30 years. When the Johan Sverdrup field starts in 2019 the volume and the viscosity of arriving oil will increase. The anti surge valves must also increase their capacity to accomodate for the new situation.

Instead of installing extra surge relief valves we suggested adding capacity-boosting instrument panels for 11 existing valves. With this solution, each valve will gain a higher capacity and the number of total required relief valves will actually decrease. Fever anti surge relievers will also ensure lower maintenance costs in the future.

As a part of the upgrade, some of the internal parts of the existing surge relievers are to be replaced.

– Upgrading of valve solution surge relievers for pipeline protection

Håland Instrumentering AS responsibilities and deliveries:

  • Part of the study and performing calculations for the new design case
  • Recommend solution
  • Maintenance of internal parts on existing surge relievers
  • Documentation and drawings

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Ventiler beskytter mot trykkbølger i rørledninger Flexflo anti-surge valve Equinor logo

Ventiler beskytter mot trykkbølger i rørledninger Equinor Mongstad med Flexflo anti-surge valve

Ventiler beskytter mot trykkbølger rørledninger lasting lossing anti-surge valve Flexflo Illustrasjon

Ventiler beskytter mot trykkbølger i rørledninger Panel Flexflo anti-surge valve

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